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Turkish Mining & Environmental Laws compliant, we're committed to minimizing our impact on the planet and respect for the environment is at the heart of our development strategy.


Beyler's mining operation has a positive impact on its natural surroundings, as our entire underground operations were designed to allow minimal impact to these ancient mountains. With fewer trees felled and no major excavations necessary, even the water waste we produce is collected and removed by vehicles to ensure zero soil contamination. The few trees which do require felling are handled and brought to the ground by the Forestry department, whom we fund to plant 10 trees for every one cut down and the royalty fees we pay result in thousands more to be planted every year.

Working together with leading institutions.

Beyler Metal Madencilik AS are subject to periodic, unannounced governmental inspections by the Ministry of Environment & Urbanisation and the Ministry of Forest & Water Management. Working hand-in-hand with these governmental bodies enables us to maintain high standards of care and preservation to our surroundings for future years. We have an innate understanding for how every action leads to a reaction within nature, and through working together with institutions we ensure environmental respect is taken through all levels of operation within our company.